Heavy Seas Alehouse Second Anniversary Party – Featuring Five Female Chefs and Mixologist

If you haven’t visited Heavy Seas Alehouse, tomorrow is the night to plan your first visit.  To celebrate their second anniversary, five top female chefs and one mixologist from around the country will be creating 5 courses and 12 beverages.  … Continue reading

Baltimore City Chap Tax Credit – The Definitive Guide

From CrabbyHomes If you are looking to purchase real estate in Baltimore City, chances are your Realtor has talked to you about CHAP credit properties. But do you really understand how CHAP credits work and how big the savings can … Continue reading

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Life Insurance Benefits Secured for Grieving Family

Paul N. Rouhana of Seigel Tully & Furrer, LLC was able to successfully secure life insurance benefits for a grieving family recently. The family had been asking the life insurance company for several years to honor the policy, with no … Continue reading

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If you’re a football lover – or even just a party lover who looks for any reason to entertain, even when you don’t know a thing about football {*cough, cough* talking about me here! Lol.} – you’ll love this super … Continue reading

Don’t Give Up!

From MAC Well we’re already a few weeks into the new year. How are those health and fitness resolutions coming along? Hopefully most of you are on your way to finding that new you. If you’ve stalled a bit or … Continue reading